Hello and welcome to the home page of New York actor and singer Mark Peters.

You can view my headshots and résumé below and I've linked some of the theatres, stars and directors on my résumé to other informative sites. Eventually my site will contain additional links that I find useful and informative, related to politics, lifestyle, shopping on line, etc. Perhaps you, gentle reader, will find something of use here as well.

Photos by Glenn Jussen

What I call my “buzz” shot. Later in the session I shaved my head, aka the “bald” shot.

Somewhat older photos of me, also shot by Glenn Jussen, a few years before I shaved my head: my smile shot, serious, industrial, and what I call interesting. It doesn’t really look like me and I sort of channel Donald Moffat in the shot, but I’ve always liked it.

Here's the hot-linked HTML version of my résumé, somewhat out-of-date, but with some interesting links. It will be updated fully in the future, when we will all have more spare time! Eventually, it will be a hot-linked mini-biography of every damn thing I’ve ever done, in curriculum vitae style. In the meantime, here are two pdf versions of reasonably current résumés; the first is used for live theatre project submissions and the second for film and television.


You can catch me in the new musical La Gioconda, at the Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row, 410 W. 42nd St., NYC, running June 1st to 11th, 2006. Tickets here. Donya Lane is the composer, Ed McNamee supplies the lyrics, and both wrote the book. Michael Unger directs. I play Francesco del Giocondo, a rich silk merchant who many historians of the Renaissance and biographers of da Vinci believe commissioned the portrait know as the Mona Lisa, as a wedding portrait of his young bride, Lisa Gherardini.

Here's an excerpt of a review for a production of The Country Girl, by Clifford Odets at Fleetwood Stage in New Rochelle, NY. Lewis Arlt and Gene Minkow, producers with Minkow directing:

From the Westchester-Rockland Journal News:

Minkow's ace in the hole is Mark Peters as Frank. Peters gives a thoughtful, measured performance that drags him into the depths but ultimately sees him through to the other side.

Peters takes us along with him-from uncertain actor summoned by the director for a cold reading to the out-of-town tryout and the demons that await him to opening night in New York-with assuredness and a commanding grasp of the material. His Frank has been through a lot and, at the end of the night, we have been, too.

Peters' performance is worth the price of admission. Watch him take this ride. It's a performance you won't soon forget.